Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What Americans Should Know About the Canadian Medical System

I'm not sure if the Canadian medical system is as perfect as some Americans might believe. As an example, we have one hospital in our city with 36,000 people. This facility services surrounding areas with a total of approximately 100,000 people. The federal and provincial governments have drastically reduced funding for hospitals. Here is what happens when you go to the emergency here...

One enters the building and takes a ticket waiting for triage nurse to assess, then your sent to a registration area to check in. If you're sick or wounded but not life threatening a 4-10-hour wait is normal. Once ten or eleven P.M. comes around there is one doctor to take care of everyone. If an ambulance comes in then you just wait longer. If there is a serious injury our hospital is not equipped to handle the emergency, a helicopter comes to air lift people to anther facility. This is unfortunate because they are not saving lives, but stabilizing while waiting to air lift them. If it is a car accident or serious injury the police are involved, ambulance drivers, maybe even child protective services. The problem is this one Doctor is stuck doing paperwork while so many other people need attention. The question is what happens when there are multiple people in an accident with life threatening situations? There is only one physician there, and now according to what I hear they are making them do 16 hour shifts. This hospital invested millions of dollars in updating the building to look modern, but cutting back on doctors.

Anyways, once you are called in your put in a room where the wait can be hours before the doctor actual comes in to see you. Again, if an ambulance happens to arrive at that moment understandably you are there in the room for a very long time. Nobody goes to the hospital as an outing, they are there for medical attention, and if you're sick or wounded it is grueling. This is indirectly mental torture, and there are signs if you become aggressive or rude they can refuse service. Wait your ten hours suck it up butter cup. When the doctor finally arrives if you need x-rays or blood work that takes time, and many instances even longer to get results.

The advantage of our medical system is you don't pay for the service, each citizen has a medical card that covers all this care through our outrageous taxation? To add insult to injury many communities must raise money to get the proper medical equipment for their hospitals. I don't blame the doctors or nurses but our governments not funding hospitals properly. Maybe it's me, but we keep bringing in people from other countries, supporting them when we can't even provide swift or at times proper medical service to our own citizens.

I understand that so many people are complaining in the states about the costs of medical insurance. The Canadian system has many flaws as well, where people have died in the emergency rooms waiting for help. I believe if you're Canadian or American there needs to be a solution were every citizen receives the care needed.

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